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SEI Instructions & Forms

** 2018 CANDIDATES—The 2017/2018 SEI Form for Candidates will be available for filing on December 1. Please check back for forms and more filing information.
•   WHO must file?
o   Under Subchapter II of the State Elections and Ethics Enforcement Act, candidates (including incumbent candidates) for the following offices must file a Candidate Statement of Economic Interest disclosing certain financial, professional, and personal information about the candidate and his or her immediate family. (G.S. 163A-187(f)):
  • Governor
  • Lt. Governor
  • Council of State
  • NC House of Representatives
  • NC Senate
  • Supreme Court
  • Court of Appeals
  • Superior Court Judge
  • District Court Judge
  • District Attorney
  • Clerk of Court
If you are NOT a candidate for one of the offices listed above, but need to file an SEI, please return to the main page and select the correct SEI form.
•   WHEN is the SEI filing deadline for most judicial candidates?
o   The filing deadline is July 9, 2018.
•   WHEN is the SEI filing deadline for judicial candidates for Superior District Court 19D and District Court 20A?
o   The filing deadline is July 23, 2018.
•    WHAT form do you file? Use 2018 Candidate SEI Forms only!
o    If you filed a 2018 SEI with the State Elections and Ethics Enforcement Board (State Board), you may file the 2018 Candidate No Change Form.
o    You MUST file the 2018 Candidate SEI Long Form IF you did not file a 2018 SEI or are a first-time filer.
•   WHERE do you file?
o   All candidates must file their 2018 Candidate SEIs with the State Board, not with a County Board of Elections. All candidates may file electronically, by mail, or by hand delivery. Electronic filing instructions are immediately below.
o   If filing by hand delivery, candidates must file their SEIs at the State Board on the 3rd floor of the Dobbs Building, located at 430 N. Salisbury Street, Raleigh, NC 27603.
o   If filing by mail, the mailing address is 1324 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC 27699-1324.
•   HOW do you file?  Candidates have 2 filing options:
  1. File Electronically. The State Board encourages candidates to complete the form online and file electronically using the links below.

  2. Manual Filing. Print the form as instructed below. Complete by hand, sign, and mail or deliver the form to the State Board. Keep a copy for your records.
For best results, we recommend using the following browser versions for completion of your electronic SEI:
  • Microsoft Windows:
    • Chrome version 69.0.3497.100 and above (locate version: Help, then About)
    • Internet Explorer version 11 and above (locate version: Tools, then About IE)
    • Edge version 16.16299 and above (locate version: Settings, then Edge HTML)
    • Firefox version 64.0.2 and above (locate version: Help then About Firefox)
  • Apple Macintosh: OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 and above (Safari, then About Safari)
  • Apple iPad: iOS version 12.0.1 and above (iPad 4 and above) (locate version: Settings, then General, then About)
  • Apple iPhone: 12.1.2 and above (iPhone 5s and above) (locate version: Settings, then General, then About)
Download a copy of the browser support document here.

Electronic Filing

Type your responses and file your SEI electronically. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND ELECTRONIC FILING. It’s fast, easy, ensures immediate confirmation of your filing, and saves your information for future filings.

We are no longer using NCID, you must first “Create a New Account” before you will be able to file electronically.

Manual Filing

Print PDF document and handwrite your responses and mail or hand deliver your SEI.

You MUST complete the ENTIRE form or you will be asked to re-file!! Do not leave answers blank!

2019 Candidate No Change Form